Home Self Assessment App

Wildfire Ready Virtual App

This FREE app provides a quick and easy way to check if you’re wildfire ready. Take the survey and explore your preparedness as you navigate your way around the app’s virtual home. Get instant ideas to make your home wildfire ready with some introductory level mitigation tips. Access the app through the link above or search it in the app store as “Wildfire Ready Virtual” and download the app with the above icon and name. This app is designed for a mobile phone with a camera.

App Description and Steps:

  1. The app first asks for access to your camera which is used to view your simulated home. Select yes/ok.
  2. Start the wildfire ready survey.
  3. Answer the six yes/no questions about your home.
  4. After the survey press OK. You are then prompted to view your results with a virtual home. Select OK.
  5. Aim your phone camera at a flat surface then touch anywhere on the screen.
  6. Facts about the number of acres burned by wildfires in each state are displayed, click next.
  7. The next screen shows a landscape with a simulated wildfire in the corner, tap “tap here” to view your simulated home based off your answers to the wildfire ready survey.
  8. The virtual home will go through the six questions (no matter your answer) and point out risk of ignition and suggest ways to reduce the risk to your home. You do not have to touch anything on the screen as it goes through the six icons, but you may click on any of the icons on the bottom of the screen to skip to specific ignition risks.
  9. At the end of the virtual home walk through, the six questions are displayed on your virtual home with icons. Each icon is either red to signify an ignition risk, or green to signify the reduced ignition risk.
  10. You have completed the self assessment! Now you can share your results or you can close the app and take the survey again after you implement some of the suggested wildfire mitigation steps. You can track your homes preparedness by taking the survey as many times as you would like.

For more mitigation ideas see 50 Things you can do to protect your property.